Reset Firefox Extension Manager

I ran into a little snag this evening with Firefox while trying to enable the Firebug Extension. Firefox gave me the typical message about restarting for my changes to take effect — but after restarting, nothing had changed and the restart message was still there!!

I must have restarted ten times before I realized it just wasn’t going to work itself out. So I turned to Google, and found a fix on the MozillaZine forums:

  1. Shut down Firefox.
  2. Look in your Profile Folder and delete these three files:
    • extensions.ini
    • extensions.cache
    • extensions.rdf
  3. Restart Firefox.

Firefox will recreate the deleted files, rescanning your add-ons as it goes.

This did cause some add-ons I’d previously disabled (but left installed) to becoming enabled again. So I had to go through and re-disable them, then restart Firefox one last time to get back to where I was before things went awry. But it was much better than what I thought I was faced with (i.e., creating a new profile from scratch)!!


  • sanya

    Thank you so much for this advice.My Firefox wouldn’t show half of my extensions after i had to restore my PC to a previous point….now it’s working like a charm!!THNX!!!! 🙂

  • Same thing happened to me, but to fix it, I disabled ZoneAlarm Toolbar and now it works perfectly. Now I’m wondering if I should do it the way you did it and enable the ZoneAlarm Toolbar once again….