Select and drag multiple items in Finder

I have been going out of my fucking mind trying to figure out how to select and drag multiple items in Finder. It’s not that I could never get it to work – every once in a while, in the midst of multiple and repeated attempts, I’d experience sudden and unexpected success with it. But, for the life of me, I simply could not determine exactly what magical action or combination of actions my fingers had just performed on the keyboard and trackpad that had done the trick!!

I was starting to think that my love affair with my new Macbook was on its way to becoming a love/hate relationship instead. Oh, no, this will not do. Google time!

Lo and behold!! Thanks to Mort, who posted the answer in this Apple discussion thread, both my sanity and my love have been restored.

Grab [them] by the icon and then drag.

The icon?! The icon!! *hallelujah chorus*

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Practice using:

  • Cmd-[: Back
  • Cmd-]: Forward
  • Cmd-W: Close Tab
  • Cmd-Shift-W: Close Window
  • Cmd-T: New Tab
  • Cmd-N: New Window
  • Cmd-Opt->: Next Tab
  • Cmd-Opt-<: Previous Tab
  • Cmd-D: Add Bookmark
  • Cmd-B: View Bookmarks
  • Cmd-R: Reload
  • Cmd-Shift-R: Reload (override cache)
  • Cmd-U: View Page Source

From Mozilla.