How Long Has My Mac Been On?

When I want to know how long my Mac has been cranking away without a restart, I just open up Terminal and type uptime.

Right now, it’s only been up for four days. I was having some issues with TweetDeck chewing up my RAM, so I rebooted the MacBook to give it a fresh start again. But I think the longest I’ve had it going was seventeen days. Nice!!


  • I have a Mac mini that runs a web service for StarPlayr’s artist, song and channel information and its uptime has been over 100 days.

  • zin

    I now have a mac mini, it’s been up for just a few days since I loaded some new software recently.

    But I’ve been with macs since 1984, starting with a fatmac128, then a g3 and then g4 (IIRC), running them about a month at a clip was the norm, and while they might seize up every now and then (heavy 3d gameage!), it was mostly due to power outages here in Phoenix.

    But generally with macs, you start them and leave them running, no reason to reboot, a pc should be rebooted at least every week if it hadn’t crashed already, and otherwise kept sleeping to keep it out of trouble.

    your mac mileage may vary,
    but lightyears better than a pc,